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View From The Top: ASG Software Solutions

ASG Software Solutions
Arthur Allen Founder, President & CEO

The impact of poorly managed records can have devastating consequences for an organization. Inadequate records management leads to a lack of business resilience through issues ranging from increased e-discovery costs to risks associated with non-compliance.

This situation is exacerbated by the ever-increasing volume of information which workers are facing and creating in a variety of new formats. Further impacting organizations are challenges associated with pending legislation, particularly in light of the recent financial collapse and the increased focus on other verticals (e.g., healthcare in the United States).

In a time in which an organization’s information assets should be considered a key business differentiator, it is truly surprising that so many companies are not addressing Records Management thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Organizations require a sophisticated solution which can adapt to the increased volume and complexity of information being produced and consumed, which provides streamlined search and access capabilities, and which provides a single view of the truth.

ASG-Records Manager™ performs full life-cycle management of electronic records in their original formats from creation to disposition. It provides automatic record classification and generation of folder structures, hold management, and a browser-based interface to create and maintain retention schedules. Records management activities are automated in the business context through sophisticated rules-based retention policies applied in response to ongoing line-of-business events.

ASG solutions like ASG-Records Manager™ empower organizations with cohesive, automated, in-place records management, minimizing legal exposure, reducing manual activities, and supporting compliance requirements for high-volume application-created records.

To learn more about ASG, visit us at www.asg.com

ASG Software Solutions
1333 Third Avenue South
Naples, FL 34102

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