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Verint®, Elan Moriah, President, Customer Engagement Solutions on Looking Ahead to the Hybrid Workplace

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Looking Ahead to the Hybrid Workplace

As contact center interactions grow in both number and complexity, organizations are increasingly adopting a “hybrid workforce” approach. In a hybrid workforce, people work in conjunction with robots to complete tasks faster and with more accuracy. Robots will augment the work of employees, offloading repetitive tasks and allowing workers to maximize their skills of communication, empathy, and problem solving.

Humans and robots can work together in a number of ways. For instance, in the contact center, repetitive steps in a process can be offloaded to robotic process automation. Speech analytics can listen to customer service conversations and provide real-time assistance in the form of knowledge articles or next best actions for the agent to follow. A virtual assistant can act as the agent’s copilot, providing step-by-step guidance and information as the agent completes customer interactions.

In each of these cases, automation elevates the customer experience while also enhancing operational efficiency. This allows organizations to provide superior service and focus on customer needs without added cost as interactions across channels grow.

With automation capabilities continuing to advance, we will see more and more opportunities for the hybrid workforce to provide fast, accurate, personalized service that neither humans or robots could achieve on their own.

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