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Unika.ai, Jason Noble, President, Digital Innovation Group on How to collect and share your organization’s collective experience

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Unika.ai (previously The FirmDirectory) enables firms to take deeper control over the wealth of skills and knowledge available  in their organization.

Unika’s enhanced AI-powered knowledge management system transforms how organizations create, discover, and share knowledge. Within the platform, Knowledge professionals have the ability to capture, manage, and promote knowledge internally to improve productivity and organizational efficiency. Unika enables knowledge sharing and insightful collaboration to help employees access critical information when they need it, reduce rework, and make better decisions.

With Unika.ai you can:

Create a rich knowledge repository that houses department information, searchable employee profiles, and your most valuable experience

Leverage an AI-powered, “Intelligent Knowledge Assistant”, to help answer FAQs, assist in research scenarios, or find assets

Collect and share your organization’s collective experience to promote cross-selling or expedite knowledge sharing

For more information, please visit www.unika.ai.

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Cell: 562.972.9284

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