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SAS, CEO, Jim Goodnight: View from the Top

We originally developed SAS® software in the late 1960s to study agricultural data. SAS is now a global business analytics company serving many industry sectors—from financial services and manufacturing to government and retail, among others.

Managing and analyzing both structured and unstructured data creates the knowledge and information necessary for better decision-making in an organization.

Among our software solutions, SAS Text Analytics helps organizations maximize the value of information within large quantities of text by revealing patterns, sentiment and relationships. These capabilities are critical for analyzing warranty data to detect potential problems early, for example, or for analyzing social media to help build stronger customer relationships.

One of our US-based text analytics customers, Oberweis Dairy, has 47 retail storefronts and a home delivery service offering farm fresh milk plus more than 250 grocery products throughout a six-state region. It also sells wholesale through local and national grocery chains. Oberweis attributes several benefits to SAS Text Analytics including improved marketing campaign results, sales growth and early alerts to manufacturing issues.

SAS helps organizations across all industries realize the full potential of their greatest asset: data. Simply put, SAS allows them to transform data about customers, performance, financials and more into the information and predictive insights needed for faster and more accurate business decisions.

100 SAS Campus Drive
Cary NC 27513-2414

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