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Q-Sensei, Ute Rother, CEO: View From the Top

As companies face notable proliferation of data, the task at hand is tapping the wealth of it - identifying, isolating, and enabling access to relevant and critical information for strategic advantage.

However, the business challenge is two-fold: first, to deliver an effective end-user search experience to quickly find and discover relevant data and critical correlations, and second, to rapidly deploy meaningful and agile search-powered knowledge applications to enhance a variety of business processes.

Q-Sensei's flagship product, Q-Sensei Enterprise, (a KMWorld "Trend-Setting Product of 2012"), addresses both end-user and macro organizational needs. At the core of the platform is its multi-dimensional search and indexing engine that offers a unique combination of full-text and dynamic contextual faceted search techniques with real-time content analysis of data. Data sets are presented and organized along multiple "dimensions" to power the user with search flexibility, content-based guidance and greater accuracy.

Secondly, the platform's open architecture and easy-to-deploy modular framework gives businesses an edge to quickly develop and market meaningful knowledge applications to find, discover, analyze and visualize all types of data - from enterprise data to web and social networking feeds. Modularization runs deep; we are the first to offer ontology-driven data processing to provide harmonization of the data logic for consistency and agility when adapting applications to rapid changes in business needs and strategies.

The powerful combination of multi-dimensional search and ontology-driven data processing renders Q-Sensei Enterprise distinctly equipped to help organizations to unlock deep value from data while achieving unmatched end-user search satisfaction and productivity.

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