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Paragon Solutions, Jim Kane, Director Collaboration and Knowledge Management: View From The Top

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“Knowledge management” is often perceived differently among people in business. When some refer to it, they are thinking of a knowledge “application” or a solution built to manage content that contains lots of metadata, content views and good search features. Others focus on behavior change and the processes that help support knowledge management activities, such as taking tacit knowledge (i.e., what’s in our heads) and making it explicit (i.e., searchable, re-usable).

At Paragon, we believe knowledge management is about connecting people to relevant knowledge and to each other to enable organizations to drive innovation, improve performance, and support business transformation.

Organizations in the life sciences and healthcare industries look to Paragon to help them manage information, collaboration, and knowledge flow across people, processes and technology. We work with our clients to enable them to capture knowledge, retain it, organize it and share it so they can solve complex problems, improve decision-making, and develop the innovative products and services that will drive positive change and maximize results.

Paragon supports innovation and knowledge management across client ecosystems by delivering KM Strategies, Strategy Implementation, Solution Development, and Technology Enablement. We employ the latest KM trends and technologies for our clients to provide the tools they need to sustain their objectives and continue to evolve. Our unique approach also offers Change Management initiatives that will drive the cultural transformation required to ensure KM adoption and success.

For more information, visit http://www.consultparagon.com/technology-solutions/knowledge-management-solutions or email marketing@consultparagon.com.

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