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PPC, Harry Thornsvard, President and CEO: View From the Top

For over a quarter century, PPC has worked with public and private organizations to strategize, design, and implement knowledge management solutions that connect people with the information they need. We coined the phrase "Practical Knowledge Management" to express our focus on achievable and measurable efforts that offer true business value. Our knowledge management solutions focus on the design and implementation of systems to capture, manage, and present the information critical to our customers' success.  PPC provides expert consulting in taxonomy design, content and document management, web design, and data visualization. Whether driven by the need for greater information management, knowledge retention, or customer service, organizations now have a greater understanding of what knowledge management offers and the critical role it can play. At the same time, both commercial off-the-shelf and open source technologies have matured to the point where best practice strategy and design can be realized more effectively.

PPC provides the bridge between these knowledge management strategies and designs, the supporting technologies, and your business. We've helped over 250 organizations around the world to develop, implement, and maintain knowledge management solutions. We can point to real results and clear ROI, be it from the web retailer that saw additional revenues of $20m/yr from our work, or the Federal Agency that was able to define and implement an enterprise strategy to capture their employee's tacit knowledge. PPC's Practical Knowledge Management approaches can help your organization realize your knowledge management goals while achieving greater efficiencies and cost savings.

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