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PPC, Harry Thornsvard President & CEO: View From the Top

PPC is pleased to have been included as a Top 100 Company in KM for the third consecutive year. Our talented group of experienced KM professionals makes PPC one of the strongest service companies in this space. We deliver performance driven, innovative, and sustainable Information Technology and Management Solutions for public and private sector clients. Our KM focus areas include:

Knowledge and Information Management

PPC's experienced team of knowledge and information management experts help architect adaptable, results-driven knowledge and information management platforms which focus on sharing, retaining, and leveraging business-critical knowledge. Our deep expertise helps our clients develop customized strategies which ensure that key information is systematically collected, organized, and distributed within your organization.

Search and Findability

PPC has a long history of helping our clients create user-friendly search experiences and navigation frameworks. Our consultants are experts in taxonomy development, search analysis, and interface design. PPC empowers businesses, non-profits, and government agencies to make their content accessible and easy-to-find. Whether you are running an eCommerce site or improving your organization's intranet, PPC has the expertise to ensure your content is thoughtfully organized and findable.

Content and Information Governance

PPC specializes in developing content and information governance plans that ensure your approach to publishing, accessibility, and information organization follows prescribed guidelines, best practices, and is flexible enough to grow and evolve over time. Governance preserves and improves your investment over time.

PPC is the company for innovative and implementable content strategy. www.ppc.com

For additional information contact:
Sam Carson
Director of Knowledge Management
sam.carson@ppc.com 703-748-7047
Beth Maser
Director of Taxonomy and Metadata
beth.maser@ppc.com 703.748.7024

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