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Mindbreeze: Finding Facts that Matter

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In 2021 utilizing existing data is essential for companies. Mindbreeze InSpire is an information insight and enterprise search tool in both SaaS/cloud and appliance form that illuminates companies’ data. Today’s market is saturated with search technologies, but the difference between Mindbreeze InSpire and other search engines is in our custom platform built from the ground up with applied artificial intelligence use cases in mind. As leaders in the fields of insight engines, applied artificial intelligence, and knowledge management, our mission is to help our customers find facts that matter.

Mindbreeze InSpire understands natural language, comprehends textual content, and personalizes results based on users’ needs. The technology involves NLP and NLQA and provides a complete 360-degree overview of business-relevant information about customers, components, suppliers, processes, and tasks. Data is processed so users have a reliable way to see patterns in data to make critical business decisions faster than ever before.

Our customers include many of the 2,000 largest companies in the world. They rely on Mindbreeze InSpire as a trusted solution for finding answers, making sense of data, and saving valuable time by eliminating mundane busy work involving information gathering. Spanning a diverse range of business areas, our customers benefit from our solution that is tailored to departmental requirements, supporting business process transformation, and day-to-day operations. Our Insight App Designer also lets customers create custom search applications easily, without needing any programming skills. Get started now with Mindbreeze InSpire and boost the efficiency of your departments.

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