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Mindbreeze, Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO:
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The power of search: Unleash the competitive advantage of information

When it comes to effectively coping with the daily deluge of information flooding companies today, the choice boils down to sink or swim. It is not a question of “finding” information. Data needs to be continuously analyzed and intelligently filtered according to specified criteria. Only powerful enterprise search solutions can glean concrete answers that can make all the difference between sinking in a sea of information or being able to access and use exactly the information you need to empower your business decisions.

A major advantage of Mindbreeze InSpire is its innate ability to recognize patterns and correlations where others see only data chaos. Its ability to see interconnections allows comparisons with human intelligence to spring to mind. It opens up new fields of enterprise search possibilities in areas which previously have had nothing to do with classical search queries, such as the classification of incoming mail.

Via Mindbreeze, incoming mail arriving as letters, emails, photos, forms, via social media channels, etc. is automatically scanned and forwarded to the correct departments. Using sophisticated semantic queries, Mindbreeze recognizes specific data such as policy or license plate numbers, and classifies them thematically according to identified criteria. Post entry points have less work, errors are minimized and mail is rapidly processed even during peak times. Today Mindbreeze can already access data from around 400 sources via connectors, and thereafter classify and route it.

Mindbreeze is an intelligent, self-learning system. If documents are misclassified and have to be manually processed, Mindbreeze learns from these changes, applying them to future documents with the same properties, thereby continuously increasing the classification accuracy and making 95+% accuracy a reality.


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