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Knosys Limited, John Thompson CEO: View From The Top

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Digital Transformation. Big Data. Analytics. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. All of these buzzwords have been consuming the minds, budgets and project teams of organisations and knowledge managers in recent times.

While each and every one of these technologies and trends has a place in managing the breadth of an organisations data in today’s world, it’s important to remember why we started down the Knowledge Management journey and not lose focus on the application of knowledge within an organisation.

Applying organisational information and memory by providing curated information and enhancing business processes has the direct effect of improving employee productivity and enhancing the customer experience. Happier employees and more satisfied customers are ultimately in the best interests of each and every business, regardless of size, market or demographics.

At Knosys, we focus on the providing an intuitive application suite to help organisations reach this goal. Knosys allows knowledge managers and subject matter experts within your business to curate exactly what information your staff needs. That information can then be directly linked to your organisation’s business processes through simple workflows and side by side process guidance that visualises an entire workflow next to step-by-step content that turns organisational information into actionable knowledge.

This approach provides a bottom-up approach to knowledge management, focused directly on the democratisation of knowledge and process simplification.

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