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Igloo Software, Dan Latendre, CEO: View From The Top

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The Power of Collective Wisdom

Knowledge should be treated as an internal currency with structures in place to ensure that it’s managed wisely—and that you’re not losing any of it along the way. By continuously converting information into knowledge, you can realize a variety of benefits that will move your business forward, including:

• Active and constant validation of company information

• A common language that everyone understands

• A culture of sharing and collaboration where knowledge belongs to everyone

A modern intranet is the core of the digital workplace, promoting active and continuous knowledge sharing across all levels of an organization. Igloo works with thousands of customers to tackle the challenges facing modern businesses, knowledge management being just one. Our goal is to help our customers capture the collective wisdom in their organizations so they can drive productivity, promote innovation, and help their business succeed.

Learn more at www.igloosoftware.com/product/knowledgemanagement

Igloo Software
55 King Street West
Kitchener, ON N2G 4W1

Phone: 519.489.4120
Fax: 519.489.4121
Contact: info@igloosoftware.com
Web: www.igloosoftware.com

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