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Empolis, Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO: View From the Top

Artificial Intelligence is Back

Empolis has a long tradition of developing artificial intelligence technologies for nearly 30 years, especially where extremely powerful scalability and the exponentially growing volume of digital information needs managing. The prevalent subject of Big Data gives us the impression that Artificial Intelligence has become “sexy” again and many companies have put it on the top of their agendas. International companies with established structures and processes, as well as heterogeneous data sources and systems, find it increasingly challenging to make ideal and purposeful use of the exponentially growing amount of data. More and more companies are considering transferring their business processes into the Cloud for uniform and “smart” data, in an effort to manage their Big Data.

The Empolis Smart Cloud is much more than just “storage” in the Web: it is a highly intelligent, yet simple solution for the challenges faced by companies. It combines the digital forces, Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. Empolis Smart Information Management® and its underlying Artificial Intelligence is paired with Cloud Services to deliver affordable, reliable and practically “invisible” smartness that operates with every business process. Artificial Intelligence technologies are more prevalent than ever and appear increasingly in our daily lives. Empolis technologies help companies by making them “smarter” day by day.

Empolis Information Management GmbH

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