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Cambridge Semantics, Alok Prasad, President: View From The Top

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Anzo Smart Data Lake® End to End Data Management, Data Exploration and Analytics

External data and diverse rich unstructured data, are two major contributors to explosive enterprise data growth. The challenge many organizations now face, is how can an enterprise capture, prepare and provide access to diverse data for enterprise wide analytics & data management at very large scale

Industry trends show that leading “data driven” enterprises are seeing rapid adoption of data lakes as a fast easy way to store, at very low cost, diverse data in its native, untransformed format. But, that is just the beginning.

At Cambridge Semantics we have developed the Anzo Smart Data Lake™ an end to end, fully integrated, highly customizable, and governed Big Data management and exploratory analytic solution for data driven organizations. ASDL works with any combination of diverse data, far more quickly, at far greater scale, by deploying flexible graph models to deliver superior insights and actionable information.

Deployed behind the firewall or in the cloud, The Anzo Smart Data Lake also works with third party plug-ins or other business applications.

Our customers span a variety of markets including Life Sciences, Financial Services, Government and more. They are adopting smart data lake solutions and realizing unprecedented insights while maintaining security and governance. Learn more at www.cambridgesemantics.com

Cambridge Semantics
500 Boylston Street, 17th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

PH: (617) 245.0517
FAX: (617) 209.1258
Contact: info@cambridgesemantics.com

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