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BP Logix, Jay O'Brien, CEO: View From the Top

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency."

-Bill Gates

While it is certainly true that Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on automating business processes, our customers tell us that it delivers far more than automation. BPM enables our customers, like Abbott Labs, Bechtel, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, NEC Labs, the National Institute of Mental Health, Rite Aid and Starwood Hotels & Resorts, to respond to changing market, customer, partner and regulatory demands faster than their rivals, creating a significant competitive advantage.

There is no doubt that today's rapidly changing businesses demand process improvement that can be implemented quickly-and deliver demonstrable results in short order. Successful companies also know the importance of Knowledge Management (KM) and the requirement for an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise's information assets.

Organizations ranging from Fortune 100 to mid-market companies and government agencies, are turning to KM and BPM to achieve these goals, enabling them to become more agile and, of course, more competitive.

Our company, BP Logix, provides technology that facilitates rapid change and process improvement. Founded by a successful information technology industry executive, BP Logix has been building robust enterprise software solutions since 1995. Leveraging a rich heritage of building software solutions that encompassed workflow, document management, life cycle management and collaboration, BP Logix launched its BPM products in 2009. That was a logical extension of our knowledge management orientation, as through our need to manage content we became increasingly aware of the requirement to build, automate and monitor the processes that moved that content within and across organizational boundaries.

As a result, we developed software that provides visibility into the underlying processes themselves and identifies any inefficiency that may exist. Automated and streamlined workflows, electronic forms, reusable business rules and predictive analytics form the basis of our BPM solution—and provide the infrastructure and process intelligence customers need to improve their operations. BPM enables these forward-looking companies to make the changes that maintain their competitive advantage.

BP Logix is also the first company to introduce the dimension of Time into BPM and workflow software. Our flagship product, Process Director, learns how an organization's processes behave, predicts the impact of changing business conditions on running processes and provides the process intelligence businesses need to make effective and appropriate decisions.

Process Director, and its process intelligence engine, provides insights into the behavior of each business process. If it determines that any future task—or the process as a whole—is in danger of running late, Process Director can either take direct action or notify the business manager to intercede manually. As a result, Process Director provides users with the earliest possible opportunity to intervene and correct potential issues long before they impact outcomes.

BPM asserts that before any process can be automated it must be standardized—and any process that is automated will truly reflect how work is actually performed, efficiently or otherwise. Increasingly KM is seen as encompassing the bandwidth of information and knowledge likely to be useful to an organization, including knowledge external to the organization—knowledge emanating from vendors, suppliers, customers, etc.

We believe that the real value of BPM and KM lies in the ability to create collaboration within and across organizations. We invite you to get to know us.

For more information about BP Logix, please visit www.bplogix.com

BP Logix
410 S. Melrose Drive, Suite 100
Vista, CA 92081
Phone: 760-643-4121
Fax: 760-643-4122
Email: marketing@bplogix.com

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