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AnyDoc Software, Samuel Schrage President: View From the Top

Why Data Capture & Classification Should Be an Integral Part of Knowledge Management
Knowledge management starts with your incoming documents and data. To achieve the maximum benefit, you need accurate, validated data entering your line-of-business applications and back-end systems. A data capture and classification solution delivers this accurate data, while reducing or eliminating tedious processes on the front-end—manually sorting and routing documents, manually keying data, shuffling paper through the office, and more.

By replacing these manual processes with automation, critical information is made available in a fraction of the time. Armed with accurate data, your organization can make better business decisions more quickly and significantly reduce costs. A return on investment is typically realized in less than one year.

Data can be automatically captured from nearly any type of document—from both structured forms and unstructured documents such as invoices, remittances, checks, healthcare claims, and much more. The results can greatly impact your business, and your bottom line:

  • Minimize manual document sorting & routing
  • Eliminate costly and slow manual data entry
  • Expedite documents into your workflow
  • Increase data accuracy rate up to 99.9% 
  • Centralize processing with remote capture
  • Boost productivity without adding staff
  • Slash processing costs by 50% or more

AnyDoc Software's data capture solutions fully integrate with both front-end scanners and back-end storage systems, creating a seamless document processing flow. All captured and validated data can be transferred to nearly any ECM, ERP, or document management system, including SharePoint, SAP, OnBase, IBM, DocuWare, and Oracle.

Learn more about the power of document and data capture and classification at www.AnyDocSoftware.com.

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