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Altep, Inc., Warren G. Kruse II CISSP, CFCE,EnCE, DFCP Vice President of Data Forensics: View From The Top

After a decade of high-profile financial scandals, consumers, employees, regulators and the media have all become extremely sensitive to corporate malfeasance. The combination of sweeping regulatory reforms and increasing public intolerance is putting new pressure on corporate leaders to ensure ethical behavior at every level in the organization. Any suggestion of impropriety can quickly result in an investigation, and both the scope and frequency of regulatory activity have expanded.

Altep employs a team of computer forensic experts with decades of experience. Led by industry veteran Warren Kruse, our certified investigators are recognized as leaders in their field and have assisted with thousands of cases, from high-profile matters involving global law firms and corporate law departments, to complex data analysis in support of federal investigations. We are committed to the performance of our duties in accordance with the highest standards of objectivity and ethical conduct.

Altep's forensic examiners assist clients with federal and state investigations, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and forensically sound procedures and tools to develop an accurate and defensible response. In the event of an internal investigation, we provide thorough analysis of corporate activity and communications to assess the scope of exposure and assist the organization in minimizing the impact of perceived and actual malfeasance.

Additionally, Altep offers proactive, consultative litigation management services that span every segment of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, via its offices throughout the US.

To learn more Altep, our services and our outstanding track record of cost-effective engagement, call or visit us today.

Altep, Inc.
7450 Remcon Circle
El Paso, Texas 79912

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