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Accusoft, Jack Berlin, Founder, President & CEO: View From the Top

Accusoft is a leading provider of technology for imaging, document management and content management. The company markets its patented technology in software development kits (SDKs), software applications, cloud services, and mobile apps.

Accusoft's Prizm Content Connect HTML5 document viewer provides zero-footprint, fully customizable viewing, advanced search and collaboration tools, and digital rights management (DRM) capabilities for companies that need to:

  • Deliver rapid display of documents to users on multiple device types, including mobile
  • View over 300 file formats, including Office, PDF and CAD
  • Secure documents with digital rights management (DRM)
  • Search with advanced parameters such as wild cards and begins/ends with
  • Collaborate with annotation and redaction tools
  • Add document viewing to ECM systems such as SharePoint and Documentum

Accusoft provides document capture, image processing, text recognition, and viewing SDKs for use in numerous development environments. These products are incorporated into applications installed by software integrators and corporations worldwide. Accusoft SDKs deliver solutions for:

  • Document scanning and capture
  • Image compression and conversion for PDF, TIFF and more
  • Barcode reading and writing
  • Image processing, cleanup and editing
  • Forms processing, OCR, ICR and OMR
  • Document viewing including annotation and redaction
  • Mobile imaging and viewing

Accusoft has also packaged its advanced image compression, recognition and viewing technologies in cloud services, such as the Prizm Cloud suite and Prizm Capture, and in mobile apps, such as the ThinPic app for saving space on mobile devices.

Download free trials at www.accusoft.com.

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