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Accusoft, Jack Berlin, CEO: View From the Top

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 “I have my sights trained on the future...”

Since 2016 marks our company’s 25th year, there’s a tendency to want to look back; to survey where we’ve been and marvel at the tremendous changes that have taken place. It would be easy to do, given the product innovation and strategic mergers and acquisitions that have contributed to Accusoft’s growth to this point.

But I’m not one to focus on the past. I have my sights trained on the future and the steps that will prime us for the explosive growth that I know is on the horizon. While we increasingly see technology created for technology’s sake, which results in the over-complication of business processes, our focus is on finding ways to help companies simplify their document lifecycle complexities.

At Accusoft, we separate the document lifecycle into four distinct phases:

  • Capture & Organize
  • Review & Collaborate
  • Workflow & Approval
  • Publish & Share

Each of these phases has a unique set of challenges that can be addressed and improved upon in a number of ways, depending on the business need. Whether our patented technology is implemented through software development kits (SDKs), on-premises deployments, cloud services, or mobile apps, we deliver customizable solutions for document viewing, annotation, redaction, conversion, forms processing, OCR, and more.

About Accusoft: Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content, and imaging solutions as fully supported, enterprise-grade, client-server applications, mobile apps, cloud services and software development kits (SDKs). The company’s HTML5 viewing technology is available to the enterprise in cloud-based SaaS versions, and in a version optimized for SharePoint integration.

4001 N. Riverside Drive
Tampa, FL 33603

Email: info@accusoft.com

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