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AccessData Group Inc., Craig Carpenter, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist: View From the Top

A convergence is happening that requires organizations to reevaluate the management of intelligence related to data "events". Data volume and the connected endpoints (laptops, servers, cloud, smart mobile devices) are accelerating the pace of events. Requests to support an event, including cyber incident response, e-discovery and internal investigations, extend across the connected endpoints, shared networks and applications. Without a united effort to consolidate the redundancy of data collection, identification and analysis, risk increases and resources are poorly appropriated.

AccessData makes the world's most advanced and intuitive incident resolution solutions to solve these escalating complexities. For over twenty seven years, the company has developed industry-leading digital investigations, litigation support and security response solutions.

The InSight Platform delivers technology firsts with an automated cybersecurity, forensics and e-discovery system called Continuous Auto-mated Incident Resolution (CAIR). The platform delivers real-time insight, analysis, response and resolution of data incidents involving:

  • Cyber and insider threats
  • Data and event compromises
  • Mobile and BYOD risk
  • GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance)
  • E-Discovery requests

From e-discovery to data breach investigations to a proactive and integrated approach to cyber security, the data targeted is often the same. These very similar business problems are overly complex and cause redundancy within organizations, yet most products fail to provide any meaningful value other than address one specific concern or generate another poorly qualified ‘alert'. Rather than employing multiple point products to solve these business problems, the InSight Platform addresses all of an organization's digital investigation needs in a single unified solution.

AccessData Group Inc.
588 West 400 South
Suite 350
Lindon, UT 84042
PH: 801.377.5410

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