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Access Innovations, Inc., Marjorie Hlava, Jay Ven Eman: View From The Top

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Losing at Knowledge Management Today

Losing? No, wait, you want to win at knowledge management. Right? Maybe not. Maybe your next fortune is in “fake news”. Win by losing! Or is your newest initiative centered on “big data”? Suggestion: try trend analysis. Trendy trends come and go and often are not really new, but relabeled, rehashed, long-established problems and challenges. What is new about fake news? Think propaganda. Tell a lie often enough and the masses will come to believe it has been a mantra of unscrupulous politicians and merchandisers since there were politicians and merchandisers. Think tabloids. Tabloids are still at the supermarket checkout stands and have now gone online. Even mainstream, online news outlets sell “sponsored news” spots on their websites that link to questionable news, mostly of a tabloid nature. Think semantics. Access Innovations has invented semantic solutions for content enrichment and analysis—know your content within context—metrics for spotting sentiment, authenticity, success, topics, coverage, trends. As for big data, the development of computing was demand driven and dates back decades and decades before buzzy “big data”. Think “big iron”. Tremendous strides in computing were achieved as part of the war effort to handle massive data needs and now, data mining, text mining, and Access Innovations’ own proprietary term mining provide for greater precision, less ambiguity, and better understanding of context. The quality and usability of your content requires constant attention and vigilance. Don’t fake it. We can help. Access Innovations is real news.

Access Innovations, Inc.
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