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e-Learning World: Selected e-learning companies

Selected E-Learning Companies

Collaboration tools

PlaceWare (placeware.com)

WebEx (webex.com)

Centra (centra.com)

NetMeeting (microsoft.com/windows/netmeeting)

Raindance (raindance.com)

Flypaper (http://flypaper.com)

Centerwheel (acquired by Colarity, colarity.com)

Groove (groove.net)


NewMindsets Inc. (newmindsets.com)

Click2learn (click2learn.com)

DigitalThink (digitalthink.com)

Docent (docent.com, acquired gForce)

KnowledgeNet (knowledgenet.com)

Knowledge Planet (knowledgeplanet.com)

Learn2.com (tutorials.com) NETg (netg.com)

Ninth House Network (ninthhouse.com)

Saba (saba.com)

SkillSoft (skillsoft.com, merged with SmartForce)

Presentation (communication) management systems

BrainShark (brainshark.com) Presenter (presenter.com)

Course management systems:

Blackboard (blackboard.com)

WebCT (webct.com)

Lotus LearningSpace (lotus.com/products/learnspace.nsf/wdocs/homepage)


MeansBusiness (meansbusiness.com)

XanEDU (xanedu.com)

Element K (elementk.com)

Books24x7.com (books24x7.com)

Safari Tech Books Online (il.proquest.com/products/pt-product-safari.shtml

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