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View From The Top: ZyLAB

A leading developer of Information Access Solutions since 1983, ZyLAB's broad experience and knowledge enable us to anticipate and address the expectations of a competitive marketplace. Our ZyIMAGE tool suite is built to meet the diverse requirements of various business applications and market segments such as federal and local governments, engineering and pharmaceutical industries, education, banking and finance, legal, and law enforcement. Whether clients are concerned with back-office management, historical archiving, workflow, compliance regulations (especially e-discovery activities), or optimizing operational efficiency, comprehensive ZyIMAGE solutions can meet their demands, regardless of scale.

Unique advantages offered by ZyLAB include:

  • An open XML platform for data storage. Clients can choose to use a database or not.
  • The best search engine available for any kind of document. Nobody offers better tools for archiving, searching, auditing, and managing millions of pages of digitized paper and electronic files, multimedia, and e-mail and attachments.
  • The most complete, integrated solution that combines searching and content management, offering capturing, disclosure, data investigation, and text-mining capabilities.
  • Modular architecture. Clients buy only what they need; deployment is quick and easy.
  • A proven, enduring reputation for developing top technologies.

Every day, over 700,000 users worldwide rely on high-performance ZyIMAGE tools and service. We're honored to serve such well-known corporate clients as Anheuser-Busch, Akzo Nobel, Dow Automotive, La Salle Bank, and Pacific Life, as well as public-sector clients such as the US Army, US Treasury Department, US National Agriculture Library, and Amtrak's OIG to name just a few. For more information visit: www.zylab.com

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