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View From The Top: SAVO

"Stop searching!"

I bet you never thought you would see that statement in a publication focused largely on knowledge management and enterprise search. The reality is that despite all of the advancements in search technology, salespeople continue to waste crippling amounts of time searching, updating, reformatting, and in some cases, inventing selling materials. Still worse, the majority of salespeople are not using the best content from one situation to the next.

SAVO's award-winning on- demand application Sales Asset Manager® proactively recommends the best "sales assets" (presentations, letters, proposals, coaching aids, etc) for specific sales situations. Users may then customize the content within SAM® while adhering to corporate standards for quality and consistency. Through embedded analytics, content owners can immediately assess who is using the content, what situations it's being used in, and how it's being customized.

SAM® can also be fully integrated within salesforce.com®. By leveraging CRM data to generate customer-centric selling materials, salespeople recognize a direct benefit from maintaining customer information.

SAVO is the industry's leading provider of Sales Enablement solutions. We specialize in maximizing the sales organization's ability to communicate value and differentiation in clear, consistent and compelling ways. Through a combination of sales and marketing best practices embedded in an award-winning on-demand application, SAVO addresses ALL aspects of the Sales Enablement challenge—spanning people, process, content, and technology. These solutions have been developed and refined through long-standing relationships with companies such as Morgan Stanley, AmerisourceBergen, Citigroup, ADP, and FedEx Kinko's. This combination of hands-on client experience, innovative consulting approach, and award-winning technology uniquely positions SAVO to deliver practical solutions that enable all customer-facing channels.

The SAVO Group
525 West Van Buren, Suite 1100
Chicago IL 60607
Phone: 312.506.1700

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