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View From The Top: QL2 Software

As companies continue to grapple with complex formats and amounts of information housed within corporate firewalls, a tremendous new source of intelligence has arisen: the Internet. The Internet provides unparalleled levels of information about competitors, consumers, and the overall market landscape. Just as with traditional Business Intelligence (BI), companies that effectively incorporate this new intelligence into the decision process receive significant competitive benefits.

QL2 is leading the market in gathering and processing this new business intelligence. QL2 collects and monitors information from competitors, partners and the vast social networks of the Web. Our reporting and alerting services provide a concise view of external information coupled with internal information. The result is quicker, more informed decision making.

Measuring and acting upon intelligence from beyond the firewall is a complex task. QL2 helps customers understand the Web environment and how best to leverage available information for competitive purposes. We then provide a tailored solution that seamlessly integrates with existing business processes.

QL2 Software helps some of the largest companies in the world leverage the Internet to their advantage. We have over 200 customers in such diverse domains as Financial Services, Life Sciences, Retail, Travel and Telecommunications. This broad expertise gives us a unique perspective on the landscape of Internet intelligence. And with customers on 28 countries, our perspective is global as well.

For more information about QL2 technology or for a proof of concept please visit our website at www.ql2.com or email us at sales@QL2.com.

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