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View From The Top: Noetix Corporation

Immediate Access to Business Intelligence

Noetix provides software that automatically generates metadata from enterprise applications, enabling immediate access to business intelligence data. More than 1,300 customers worldwide use Noetix's proven technology, empowering users to quickly generate the ad hoc operational reports and dashboards needed for critical and timely business decisions. Unlike most business intelligence tools that require weeks of extensive manual mapping to be set up and maintained, Noetix uses patented technology to automatically discover and produce metadata based on customers' specific implementations of Oracle E-Business Suite or Siebel Business Applications.

Noetix's success is built upon the proven competitive advantage we bring to our customers by providing:

Unmatched ease of use— Requiring little or no user training, Noetix enables decision-makers to easily access information relevant to their line of business—allowing them to quickly create and share custom reports securely without the need of additional technical experts or IT staffing.

Rapid Implementation—Noetix automatically generates an extensive library of customizable reports, empowering decision makers to quickly access a reporting platform with answers to hundreds of the most common business questions.

Open architecture—The Noetix solution securely delivers content to industry standard query and reporting tools including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Reporting Services, Cognos, Oracle Discoverer, Business Objects, Hyperion/Brio, portals, and dashboards.

Upgrade protection—Noetix technology protects custom reports and shields queries from data structure changes common to upgrade releases, providing customers with a reduced cost of ownership for their enterprise applications.

For more information, visit www.noetix.com or
call 425-372-2699.

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