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Kofax Intelligent Capture and Exchange Strategy Reflects Market Shift Toward Process Automation

Technology that automates the capture and dissemination of information is critical to improving business processes. But the fact that business process automation involves multiple technologies and systems that need to work together cannot be ignored.

We understand this philosophy and it is embodied in the Kofax Intelligent Capture and Exchange Suite. As a result, organizations can effectively capture and exchange the information that they require to improve performance and reduce costs.

What differentiates the Kofax Intelligent Capture and Exchange Suite from traditional capture products is its architecture. We have integrated key elements of our existing product portfolio (i.e., capture, intelligent extraction, classification, and proactive communication) under a Web services based architecture. This makes it easier for our customers and partners to embed capture functionality into existing business processes.

End users don't need to understand the complexities of using capture products because the technology becomes a component of whatever application environment the end user works within. Allowing customers to launch capture processes from within their business applications also helps eliminate points of failure. Traditionally, there are many distinct and manual steps associated with capture. The Kofax Intelligent Capture and Exchange Suite aims to simplify this process by directly linking capture with critical business activities such as invoice processing, loan origination, and account and contract management.

We believe the Kofax Intelligent Capture and Exchange Suite will empower organizations to effectively bridge the gap between paper and electronic documents, capture information from virtually any source or format, and efficiently exchange information to significantly improve business processes. And our technologies will enable end users to do this today.

For additional information on the Kofax Intelligent Capture and Exchange Suite, please go to www.kofax.com.

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