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View From The Top: FatWire

As the volume of content continues to explode, com- panies have been forced to find ways to get that content under control, and have invested significant time, energy and money on various types of content management systems and repositories.

At FatWire, we believe that companies do not derive value from content by simply tucking it neatly and safely away in a repository. Content management is not an "end"; it is a "means to an end". If companies want to realize the maximum value from enterprise content, they must put content to work.

More specifically, significant ROI is achieved from Internet-based applications that influence the behavior of the organization's key stakeholders—its customers, partners, and employees—persuading them to take actions that allow them to achieve their goals, while simultaneously allowing the company to achieve its business objectives.

These applications are more than static, one-size-fits-all Web sites. They are dynamic, context-aware applications that deliver extremely relevant information to targeted audiences at the exact time it is needed, resulting in an engaging customer experience. They assemble all forms and types of content and present them in the way that is most useful to the consumer. They are interactive applications that capture feedback and user-generated content and appeal to the social needs of the users, fostering a sense of community.

Visit www.fatwire.com to learn how FatWire's suite of web optimization software—which includes content management, dynamic content delivery, eMarketing, and analytics—enables our customers to put content to work.

FatWire Corporation
330 Old Country Road, Suite 207
Mineola NY 11501
Phone: 800.801.8504 or 516.328.9473
Fax: 516.739.5069
Contact: sales@fatwire.com
Web: www.fatwire.com

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