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View From The Top: Exsys, Inc.

The next generation of Web sites needs to deliver actual knowledge and advice as easily as the current generation delivers data.

In a Web-centric world, the company web site is the primary, and sometimes only, communication channel with customers and employees. Site visitors require situation-specific recommendations and analysis that can only come from interactive Web sites that emulate the conversation they would have with a human expert. The days of simply providing data and "letting the visitor figure it out" are past. The only effective, scalable and proven way to deliver precise, authoritative, tailored advice 24/7 is rule-based knowledge automation systems utilizing an Inference Engine.

Decision-making knowledge for customer support, product recommendation, diagnostics, regulatory compliance, help desk and many other areas can be captured and automated using knowledge automation development tools from Exsys Inc. For over 24 years, Exsys has been designing tools that make it practical and easy for domain experts to describe their decision-making logic and processes in English and algebra, to produce systems that can be immediately delivered via the Web.

New Exsys Corvid ver. 4.0 makes it even easier to build systems with a new Action Block approach to knowledge representation. Developers can now be producing valuable systems in just one day, which perform functions that would be very difficult to deliver by other techniques.

Used by thousands of corporations from small to Fortune 100 and most government agencies, Exsys has a proven track record of delivering powerful, high ROI systems that solve real-world problems.

More information, web conference project review and free eval at: www.exsys.com

Phone: +1.505.888.9494
E-mail: info@exsys.com

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