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View From The Top: Engenium

Engenium is a leading provider of intelligent search and search-related products designed to improve information access for business users. Founded to overcome the shortcomings of existing information retrieval solutions, the company has incorporated a full range of search capabilities from keyword to conceptual in its patented and award winning Semetric® platform in order to streamline interaction with business applications and services. Today's knowledge worker requires more than standard information access to keep up with the growing amount of unstructured information—Engenium provides intelligent information access.

Unlike keyword searching that is limited to precisely matching the language of a given query, Engenium's Semetric® concept search engines and Autometric™ clustering engines analyze documents by meaning, concept and context. This yields better, faster search results—uncovers information that otherwise would remain buried—and enables organizations to work smarter.

Benefits for integrators, ISVs and ASPs stem specifically from Engenium's architecture and include easy integration, scalability, patented portability between information sets to provide competitive expertise on specific topics, and true ad hoc operation that eliminates the need for thesaurus input or other manual intervention.

Benefits for end users range from reduced search time to more comprehensive and precise search results, both made possible by Engenium's ability to retrieve information by meaning rather than by simply matching keywords.

Law firms, electronic discovery companies, human resource departments, intelligence agencies, defense organizations, publishing companies, and a variety of other enterprises rely on the Semetric suite's human-like information sorting and retrieval capabilities to mine massive volumes of digital data every day.

Engenium Corporation
14901 Quorum Drive, Suite 810
Dallas, Texas 75254
Phone: 469.374.9464
E-mail: inquires@engenium.com
Web: www.engenium.com

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