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View From The Top: Clarabridge, Inc

Customers communicate their opinions, issues and perceptions to organizations, but this information often sits idle inside and outside the enterprise. Customers dial call centers, submit emails and take surveys to make their opinions known. Even more customers and prospects voice their opinions on newsgroups, blogs, customer and product forums and on Web 2.0 sites. Clarabridge enables Fortune 2000 and government customers to transform these text sources into valuable information to:

  • Quantify marketing program success by leveraging consumer-generated content from various web sources to understand your targets' attitudes, motivations and opinions.
  • Enhance customer experience by mining call center transcripts and other touch points to identify issues, opinions, and sentiment regarding your products and services.
  • Quantify attitudes & needs of your customers for product developers by harvesting internal and external customer feedback.
  • Monitor competitive threats and identify opportunities to increase mindshare by tracking competitive trends and issues.
  • Improve product quality by mining online or internal data sources to identify potential trends and early indicators. 
  • Identify fraudulent activity, trends or statistical anomalies by analyzing large volumes of text documents such as SEC filings, online groups or contracts.

Clarabridge's award-winning Content Mining Platform™ links the worlds of text mining, search and business intelligence (BI) to enable enterprises to more quickly and intuitively leverage all of their data—internal and external, structured and unstructured—to make better business decisions. Our customers include leaders in the consumer goods, healthcare/ pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality, and government sectors.

Clarabridge, Inc.
11400 Commerce Park Drive, Suite 500
Reston, VA 20191

Phone: 703.663.2500
Fax: 703.269.1505
E-mail: marketing@clarabridge.com
Web: www.clarabridge.com

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