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View From The Top: Brainware, Inc.

Brainware, Inc. provides Global 2000 corporations and government agencies with fast, structure-free access to critical information locked in the growing avalanche of organizational databases, emails, document archives, images, and file servers. The Brainware® engine drives the "intelligent data capture" (IDC) approach embodied in our IDC-distiller™ family of products and the search algorithms in our Globalbrain™ Suite (of OutlookAccess, Personal, and Enterprise editions).

IDC-distiller™ streamlines critical document-intensive processes by turning information trapped in paper-based and electronic documents into meaningful content for use by enterprise applications. IDC-distiller automatically analyzes incoming documents of any kind (invoices, purchase orders, claim forms, correspondence, etc.), sorts them based upon document content—independent of form or layout—and then extracts key data elements for use by downstream business systems (SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, etc.) or document management systems (e.g., Documentum, FileNet).

IDC-distiller routinely increases document processing productivity by 60% to 80% "right out of the box," thanks to our uniquely "template-free" approach to capturing and processing any kind of structured or unstructured data. Our competitors' tools require labor-intensive template creation and modification as document types change. IDC-distiller also automatically extracts line-item detail from large (100+ page) documents and tables, eliminating the need for manual coding, data entry, or scripting.

For enterprise search, Globalbrain offers a powerful, state-of-the-art solution for searching, retrieving, organizing, and sharing information from the desktop to the enterprise. Using simple, natural language formats, Globalbrain locates relevant content from any existing repository, including data stored in Lotus Domino, mail servers, file servers, databases, the Internet, and more.
For more information: www.brainware.com or call 703.948.5886.

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