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View From The Top: BA-Insight

Solving the Long Tail of Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence software is complex, costly, and typically serves less than 20% of a com-pany's workforce. The reports produced by such BI tools must be well defined in advance, and if management needs a new report to be produced, pick a number and get to the back of the line. The remaining 80% of the workforce spend 25% of their day searching for answers to their queries without the Benefit of BI. BI tools are simply not designed for Ad-Hoc analysis of mission critical data. Ad-hoc requests represent the Long Tail of Information Access.

BA-Insight's LongitudeSearch Driven BI
BA-Insight's Longitude Software brings BI to the remaining 80% of the workforce. A business user simply types a business question into a search box the same way he would search on the Internet. Questions about the performance of a product line or customers outstanding balance get an instant response from the ERP or CRM application without the user needing to have knowledge of the backend system.

Longitude embodies BA-Insight's mission of providing Information Access Solutions that delivers

actionable insight to every part of the organization.

About BA-Insight
Since 2005, BA-Insight has solved the information integration needs of some of the world's most respected organizations such as the US Army, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bechtel Engineering, and the Australian Government.

445 Hamilton AV, Suite 1102
White Plains NY 10601
Phone: 914.220.8395
Web: www.ba-insight.net

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