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View From The Top: ABBYY

The Future of Forms and Documents

Although we didn't flip into a new century or decade when the past year came to a close, we did enter an entirely new era for intelligent document recognition. In the past, the onus has been on the end-user. Increasingly, though, the solutions will do the work and let users to concentrate on advancing their corporate goals.

Soon, users won't have to worry about whether they are dealing with fixed and semi-structured forms or unstructured documents. An all-in-one data/document capture solution will eliminate the need to separate or pre-sort forms and documents prior to processing.

In an increasingly global market, document recognition products will also need to recognize a broader range of languages. ABBYY recently added Hebrew and Thai, and enhanced Chinese, Japanese, and Korean recognition, pushing its total number of recognized languages to nearly 200.

With the advent of distributed capture and scanning, document recognition is moving off the desktop and onto the server. Front office and remote office users are capturing and scanning more and more documents and sending them to a centralized server for processing through a high bandwidth connection.

On the horizon, to meet the evolving demands of users, document recognition technologies will treat documents as a single entity, rather than as an individual document. These next-generation products will need to understand and retain the structure of multiple page documents.

Ultimately, even in this new era, document recognition is about achieving the highest levels of accuracy possible, while maintaining document stability and optimizing overall document throughput. ABBYY will continue delivering the best intelligent document recognition technologies and applications while setting the bar in evolving those technologies in new and exciting directions.

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