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Trend-Setting Products of 2013: ABBYY: FineReader 11

With ABBYY FineReader 11 you can instantly convert paper, PDFs and digital images into editable text including Microsoft® Office® formats-and so accurately that you're freed from retyping or reformatting. A host of intuitive and powerful features means you'll work productively with FineReader 11 right away. In addition, for companies, FineReader 11's ease and features mean that everyone-from individuals at their desks to teams and departments-can work and collaborate more efficiently.

FineReader 11 achieves its remarkable accuracy thanks to ABBYY's proprietary Advanced Document Recognition Technology®. With it, FineReader 11 precisely reproduces tables of contents, footers, page numbers, captions, and fonts-exactly matching your originals. And, key to FineReader 11's benefits is its ease: a user-friendly interface and automated functionality let you get more done in far fewer steps. For example, one click converts scans of paper documents and digital images into searchable PDFs, Microsoft Word® files and even e-books. Even converting big batches of documents is easy: Multi-Document Separation automatically separates and combines pages into multiple documents. And, since multilingual documents are fast-becoming the norm for many businesses, FineReader 11 reads multilingual documents in any language combination-up to 189 languages! It easily handles complex-script languages too, including Latin and Cyrillic.

As the world moves further into the digital age, ABBYY products like FineReader 11 keep people ahead of the curve. The leader in information transformation, ABBYY makes it easy to turn data in any form into valuable content-enabling individuals, organizations, and developers to collaborate more productively.

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