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Trend-Setting Products of 2012: FTI Technology: RingtailĀ® 8 E-Discovery

Ringtail 8 provides visual analytics and advanced review tools to dramatically speed the quality of document review. A powerful e-discovery platform, Ringtail 8 offers flexible deployment options, unparalleled scale and market-leading functionality designed to significantly improve reviewer productivity and reduce the cost of e-discovery.

Using Ringtail software, e-discovery teams at corporations and law firms can take very large datasets, run sophisticated search queries and then securely automate the review workflow. Reviewers benefit from the visual review interface of Document MapperTM, and the ability to easily toggle between list views and visualization features for more efficient reviews. Ringtail 8 further speeds e-discovery through new tools and usability shortcuts, including customizable color coding of key concepts, coding hints, enhanced "find similar" features and more robust production capabilities.

With flexible workflows, intelligent reuse of data, visual document review and bullet-proof production, Ringtail 8 provides defensible, cost-effective review in a single platform. Whether deployed on premises or as a service, its unmatched scale and performance give you the confidence to handle the global requirements of even the largest and most complex projects.

Ringtail 8 Highlights:

  • Review documents more quickly and accurately with Document MapperTM
  • Improve reviewer consistency with coding history hints
  • Find critical keywords effortlessly with custom color multi-hit highlighting
  • Uncover interesting documents quickly using find similar
  • Interactive search results bring hot documents front and center

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