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Trend-Setting Products of 2010
Applied Knowledge Group and
Bridgeline Digital

Applied Knowledge Group: KM Solutions Built on SharePoint

Your organization’s knowledge assets are a critical resource, and ensuring the health of your knowledge information sharing capability is essential. AKG’s approach to building KM solutions on SharePoint includes a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond the technology to incorporate our unique user adoption strategy. We build solutions with the users, translating the way they work into SharePoint. We don’t just move existing processes into the new tool, but we help users examine them and look for ways to improve them using the functionality inherent in SharePoint.

All too often technologists deliver a technically sound SharePoint environment that loads in lots of features and doesn’t look any further than the technology. The solution is rolled out with a “Deploy and Pray” philosophy, and does not achieve the success it should.  AKG takes a completely different approach to building the SharePoint environment and rolls it out in an agile style with the client.  Client involvement in an iterative process is one of the critical components of our success.

Tools we have developed to help monitor the “health” of the implementation include our new SharePoint Sonar™ that allows our consultants to understand usage patterns across the environment in the appropriate context. Sonar helps organizations assess the strengths and weaknesses across the implementation. Armed with this information, we help our clients develop strategies to improve usage and provide additional support to work teams. The information from our Sonar allows us to more easily identify problems and issues that are affecting productivity and collaboration.

Applied Knowledge Group, Inc.
2100 Reston Pkwy, Suite 400
Reston, VA 20191

Phone: 703.860.1145
Contact: akginfo@akgroup.com
Web: http://www.akgroup.com/

Bridgeline Digital: iAPPS Product Suite

The iAPPS® Product Suite is THE market leading web engagement management (WEM) platform and the only complete solution, available both as a SaaS or perpetual license, that deeply unifies Web Content Management, eCommerce, eMarketing, and Web Analytics capabilities into the heart of websites, online stores, intranets, extranets or portals—enabling users to swiftly enhance and optimize the value of their web assets. Within the iAPPS® Product Suite is iAPPS® Content Manager, the winner of the 2010 CODiE Award for Best Content Management Solution, globally.

From a single platform, iAPPS® offers everything you need to create, manage and maintain engaging user experiences and drive persuasive content. iAPPS handles it all—from landing pages and email campaigns to your product catalog and eCommerce check-out process to your blog and online forms. And with each product within the iAPPS® Product Suite sharing a common, easy-to-use interface, your site administrators and content authors can spend their time managing your properties, not learning how to use different systems. “Bridgeline Digital has developed a tightly-integrated Web CMS, eCommerce, analytics, and marketing suite,” says Tony White, Founder and Lead CMS Analyst at Ars Logica, writing recently in CMSWire. “In terms of seamless integration between modules, Bridgeline may have done the best job I’ve ever seen. And that goes for interface design as well.”

Bridgeline Digital has delivered over 1,000 quality solutions in the past decade to hundreds of customers that range from middle-market organizations to divisions within Fortune 500 companies. To learn why world-class organizations such as Sun Chemical, Honeywell, Cleveland Clinic, Berkshire Life, HookedonPhonics, Cadaret, Grant & Co., National Insurance Crime Bureau, and American Academy of Pediatrics rely on web solutions developed on the iAPPS® Product Suite, please visit www.bridgelinedigital.com.

Bridgeline Digital
10 Sixth Road
Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: 800.603.9936
Web: www.bridgelinedigital.com
Email: info@blinedigital.com

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