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Trend-Setting Products of 2007: Connotate, Copyright Clearance Center, Coveo, eGain

Connotate: Agent Community GEN2.0

Connotate Technologies, Inc
100 Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Phone: 732.296.8844 x 1023
Fax: 732.296.0330
E-mail: sales@connotate.com
Web: www.connotate.com

Connotate goes beyond search to deliver actionable intelligence by transforming the Web and enterprise into standardized, reliable information and applications. Through machine-learning and automation, our solution offers timely and reliable access to high-value, hard-to-find Web content for analysts, researchers, data managers and other knowledge workers. The result is innovative research; customized data feeds; and unique content acquisition. Agent Community GEN2.0 is a collection of coordinated products that enable the creation of a Web 2.0 ecosystem:

  • Agent Studio™ is a point-and-click interface enabling users to quickly create intelligent Agents trained to mine, aggregate, and integrate data.
  • Agent Library™ provides an easy-to-use
    environment supporting end-user sharing and collaboration of Agents.
  • Agent Server™ is a highly scalable and mature execution engine.

Copyright Clearance Center: Rightsphere

Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923

Phone: 978.750.8400
Fax: 978.646.8600
Contact: info@copyright.com
Web: www.copyright.com

Rightsphere is a revolutionary Web-based service that helps companies organize and manage all of their content usage rights in
one place, and allows employees to share information with confidence.

With Rightsphere, employees know instantly what rights are available to use and share published articles, research data and other
copyrighted material. And they get that information without ever leaving their workflow. No employee training is necessary.

Rightsphere helps companies fully leverage all of their rights and permissions by consolidating the licenses they’ve acquired from multiple sources—CCC, publishers, aggregators and others—into a single repository. They can also use it to assign, maintain and organize their rights by country, site and other factors. And Rightsphere’s content usage reports can help inform future
content buying decisions. For more information, visit www.copyright.com/rightsphere

Coveo: Coveo Audio Visual Search

Coveo Solutions Inc.
120 Hawthorne Avenue, # 100
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Phone: 800.635.5476
Fax: 650.475.8024

Coveo Audio Video Search (CAVS), is a rich media content search application. Leveraging the success of Coveo Enterprise Search, CAVS accesses rich media content, enabling users to search across this content as easily as they would in document content.

CAVS searches across rich media content and identifies essential concepts, allowing users to find audio content in multimedia files as easily as they would in enterprise documents. The new search application integrates seamlessly with Coveo Enterprise Search, the company’s award-winning enterprise search platform, using a patent pending technology that leverages enterprise knowledge to improve search precision.

The search experience is unlike anything users have known in the rich media field, enabling proper names, employee names and domain terms to be automatically recognized. CAVS is seamlessly integrated with the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration and content management platform, transforming it into an effective multimedia content management system.

eGAin: eGain OnDemand

eGain Communications Corp.
345 E. Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: 800.821.4358 (US)
+44 (0) 1753 464646 (EMEA)
Fax: 650.230.7600
E-mail: info@egain.com
Web: www.egain.com

eGain OnDemand™ is the industry’s first-ever hosted software for multichannel customer service. Proven in mission-critical, large-scale deployments for over 9 years, eGain OnDemand enables companies to get their customer service operations up and running quickly, without requiring extensive IT resources. Some enterprises have chosen eGain OnDemand to prove out business value before investing in the on-premise version. With eGain, the transition from on-demand to in-house deployment and vice versa is uniquely seamless, virtually eliminating risk in the solution acquisition process.

eGain provides the most flexible and proven array of customer service software deployment options for the enterprise:

  • On-premise deployment
  • Subscription-based hosted application delivery
  • application management services for licensed software
  • Seamless transition of hosted deployments to in-house implementations and vice-versa

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