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Trend-Setting Products of 2006

ClearStory--ActiveMedia 7-- (EMS) A vibrant DAM solution that manages the digital media supply chain from creation to consumption.

Code Green Networks--Content Inspection Appliance Gold standard for content security--resides at the network gateway between a company's secure network and the Internet, and monitors and analyzes content leaving the corporate network, automatically enforces corporate content protection policies.

Connotate--Information Agent Suite A complete and robust platform for creating streams of actionable intelligence from the Internet, an extranet or intranet.

ContextwareContextware KM Codifies processes and links them to relevant resources, including content, subject matter experts and key resources, resulting in flattened learning curves.

Coveo--Enterprise Search 4 CES 4 delivers secure, unified search across all documents and multimedia files in file systems, e-mail servers, intranets, enterprise applications, databases and Web sites.

Cuadra--STAR product family Complete information management systems for libraries, records centers, reference and referral centers, law firms, museums and publishing firms.

CymfonyOrchestra Comprehensive market analytics platform combining consumer-generated and traditional media, while utilizing technology with expert analysis.

Dieselpoint--Dieselpoint Search Enterprise search for large-scale product catalogs, Web sites, document repositories and intranets, combining full-text and linguistic techniques with data navigation.

DocZone.comDocZone Hosted XML-based system to manage multilingual content and automated production of technical documentation, journals, training manuals, online help and Web sites.

eGain--eGain OnDemand A hosted e-service solution, proven to be a cost-effective, risk-reducing offering.

EMC Software--Documentum ApplicationXtender Family Enables secure storage, organization and management of documents and files, integrating imaging and reports management and facilitating enterprise relationship management, workflow and document management.

Endeca--Information Access Platform An enterprise-grade search and information access solution combining meta-relational architecture, an information transformation layer, data-driven application components and a Web-based management suite.

Engenium--Semetric Enterprise Concept-based, keyword and parametric search designed for information retrieval from disparate enterprise data stores.

Exact--e-Synergy Web-based collaboration platform helping to create an accurate, timely view of personnel, finance, workflow, documents and asset information.

Exalead--exalead one:search A unified search technology platform that efficiently handles all search--from the desktop, the Web and across an enterprise.

Exsys--CORVID Knowledge Automation Knowledge automation software and services enabling organizations to take full advantage of their expertise assets though Web-enabled expert systems.

Extensis--Portfolio Server 8 Digital asset management solution designed to streamline workflow through organizing, viewing, routing, archiving and distributing.

Fast Search and Transfer--FAST ESP Proven foundation for a wide variety of solutions, from market intelligence, criminal surveillance and data warehousing, to merchandising, online publishing and media, directories and mobile search. FatWire (fatwire.com)--

FatWire Content Server Product suite allowing deployment of a wide variety and large quantity of Web sites and content-centric applications.

FileNet--P8 Platform Enterprise platform to capture, store, manage, secure and process all forms of content and automate records management.

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