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Trend-Setting Product of 2018: Mindbreeze: Medical Cockpit

Semantic search in clinical documents

The volume of data and demand for information is steadily growing in the healthcare sector, leaving less time for healthcare professionals to interact with their patients. That’s why it’s more important than ever to simplify processes that are consuming this valuable time, with efficient document search (via metadata in the hospital information system environment) and simple information querying for doctors and medical staff.

Medical Cockpit is a specialized search application from Mindbreeze for clinical use. Medical Cockpit collects all relevant diagnoses, prescriptions and symptoms from patient documents, analyzing and making the necessary information available in a customized format. This ease of access to information translates into improved treatment quality, as well as a dramatic reduction in workload for medical staff.

By semantically linking service catalogs, diagnosis catalogs (such as ICD10), as well as synonym and jargon lists, Medical Cockpit understands medical terminology and syntax and can reliably identify specific patterns in findings, diseases, and medication.

Information from all types of structured and unstructured medical documents, such as discharge letters, test results and findings, laboratory and OR reports can be specifically filtered and processed for medical professionals.

Medical Cockpit has been built with the security of patient data in mind. Based on individual access rights, the system provides employees with a quick, subject-specific overview of the current patient, and extracts diagnoses, symptoms, and medications from the many different documents, resulting in significant time savings.

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