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Top 30 Startups in Knowledge Management

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Startups play a crucial role in shaping the future of knowledge management by bringing fresh perspectives, agile methodologies, and leading-edge technologies. To recognize the importance of startups, KMWorld is launching a recognition of the Top 30 Startups in Knowledge Management.

As KM evolves and as organizations realize the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration, startups provide new and pioneering solutions for companies to harness knowledge effectively and efficiently, aligning technology with organizational KM goals.

The innovation personified by the startup companies on this list is moving KM forward in interesting and thought-provoking ways. Technological advances allow organizations to uncover new information in existing knowledge bases, make information easily accessible to both employees and customers, and encourage faster, better decision making.

We’re excited to introduce these Top 30 Startups and expect to see exciting developments from them as we go forward. We encourage readers to explore these companies to understand how their products can benefit you.

Disruptive Innovators 

Please visit the Disruptive Innovators Profile links, where executives share their perspective on what makes their technology and companies unique.

  • 42Maru.aiPutting your information to work with purpose-built AI, ABBYY combines innovation and experience to transform data from business- critical documents into intelligent, actionable outcomes in more than 200 languages in real time.
  • Aggregate Intellect Provides an AI-powered business workflow for service companies using a platform that sits on top of a company's private data and documents, integrates into public sources of information, and augments traditionally manual and high-touch workflows.
  • AlgomoUses generative AI to transform customer service by solving the vast majority of customer service queries without human input.
  • amberSearch (ambeRoad Tech GmbH)Allows access to all company-wide files from anywhere, providing the ability to provide all employees with knowledge; save time, money and nerves; and improve workflows.
  • Amble IdeationProvides a digital transformation toolkit that combines a remote workshop tool with a company knowledge base.
  • ArigladBrings order to chaotic shared inboxes by auto-routing each request to the right person through an effortless ticket and issue management for people teams.
  • ChimaA leading provider of generative AI solutions, Aisera helps enterprises boost revenue, improve user productivity, lower operating expenses, and create magical user experiences.
  • Civic Roundtable Provides a collaboration platform for public servants to ask questions, find experts, and access resources within government and across the civic sphere.
  • CogniCorServes as an AI copilot for wealth management, based on Large Language Models (LLMs) and knowledge graphs.
  • CohereAn enterprise AI platform built on the language of business and optimized for enterprise generative AI, search and discovery, and advanced retrieval.
  • CuriousityAllows users to find everything in one place, rather than searching in multiple folders, emails, and apps, while keeping your data safe.
    To Learn more, read Leon Zucchini, CEO, Curiousity's Disruptive Innovators Profile.
  • Genie AIProvides an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT and GPT-4 with advanced content writing abilities that allow it to generate high-quality written content on a wide range of topics blog posts, stories, essays, reports, and more.
  • GoldenUses sophisticated natural language processing techniques to extract canonical information on topics and entities from a wide range of public and private sources, mines its knowledge graph in order to provide useful insights, and allows for searching, querying, and asking factual questions.
  • Got It AI, IncAn enterprise AI Lab with R&D and products focused on the guardrailed use of generative AI.
  • Groq.comA generative AI solutions company and the creator of the LPU Inference Engine, the fastest language processing accelerator on the market, architected from the ground up to achieve low latency, energy-efficient, and repeatable inference performance at scale.
            • Guidde, IncCreates stunning SOPs via its generative AI platform for business that helps teams create video documentation. To Learn more, read Yoav Einav, CEO and Co-Founder, Guidde's Disruptive Innovators Profile.
            • HeydayAn AI copilot that transforms your documents, notes, and conversations into quotes, shareable content, and a queryable database.
            • Howie.aiA scheduling assistant that takes action immediately anytime “he” is emailed, ensuring that your calendar reflects reality and the right meetings happen at the right time.
            • HyperWriteProvides a personal AI writing assistant for content generation, research, speeches, rewriting, and more.
            • Keepi.aiOffers a personal knowledge environment to capture, enrich, organize, and instantly retrieve your knowledge, then learn from what is saved, creating insights from the knowledge.
            • KnowledgeDriveCan access team knowledge across Office 365 and Google Workspace, answer questions and save work knowledge in the flow of work with Docs, Sheets, PowerPoint, Slack, and Mail integrations.
            • Kompas AIOffers sophisticated, ready-to-use AI agents for complex businesses and tasks.
            • Mistral.aiCreates language models that strike an unmatched latency to performance ratio, and achieve top-tier reasoning performance on all common benchmarks, designed to be as unbiased and useful as possible, providing full modular control over moderation.
            • nRoad CorporationProvides purpose-built, enterprise-ready AI platform that offers accurate results, particularly for financial services firms to process, comprehend, and act upon their unstructured data.
            • PigroSimplifies the process of finding answers within your knowledge base, saving time and increasing productivity in your organization.
            • ScreenStepsOffers knowledge base software for better employee training and performance using a Find & Follow Framework and creating a single source of truth with an all-in-one knowledge hub.
              To Learn more, read Greg DeVore, CEO, ScreenSteps' Disruptive Innovators Profile.
            • Slite, IncHas collaborative knowledge base, powered by AI, and is building a collaborative workspace where remote teams get their best work done, with the aim of speeding up the world's transition to a more balanced way of thinking about life and work.
            • Swimm.ioProvides an AI coding assistant that helps developers quickly understand big, complex codebases—and seamlessly captures knowledge to fill in any documentation gaps.
            • SynclyWith AI feedback analysis, Syncly instantly categorizes feedback and reveals hidden negative signals, centralizes feedback and translates insights into proactive actions to elevate the customer experience.
            • Undetectable AIOffers technology that makes it fast and easy to acquire, mark up, and integrate structured data into any website, making it easily findable by web search engines. Its plagiarism detector tool checks if your text will be identified as AI-written content.
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