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Social Software | Acquia

Social software helps you create positive buzz, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction in your community. Acquia's Drupal Commons provides social software with freedom. Based on Drupal, the wildly popular web CMS platform powering community websites for many leading organizations, including the World Economic Forum, Red Hat, and the New York Stock Exchange, Drupal Commons is your open source alternative to proprietary solutions.

Since Drupal Commons is open source, it gives you unlimited freedom to adapt, change, and grow without license fees or vendor lock-in-all with a lower total cost of ownership. Learn more today at http://acquia.com/drupalcommons to see how it will improve your:

Customer relations
Drupal Commons decreases support costs and increases customer satisfaction. Market test new feature ideas, share success stories, or crowdsource; it's all easy with Drupal Commons.

Developer engagement
Enhance your firm's relationship with your developer ecosystem: Give them a community where you support them and they connect with each other. Build a culture that establishes trust, gives them controlled access to your materials and APIs, and let them spread their expertise to attract others to your brand.

Social collaboration
Make your teams more effective by giving them tools like friend activity streams, wikis, discussion groups, and event calendars.

Acquia helps enterprises build social publishing websites quickly, easily and with a lower total cost of ownership by leveraging Drupal, the open source social publishing platform that blends content and community.

Acquia, Inc.
150 Presidential Way, Suite 310
Woburn MA 01801

PH: 888.922.7842 or 978.296.5250
Contact: sales@acquia.com
Web: www.acquia.com
Follow: @acquia or @drupalcommons

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