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SharePoint 2010 ECM governance

Awareness may be delivered through a variety of methods including formalized training sessions, as well as integrated directly within the solution at the time of need. Potential approaches may include:

  • Dedicated home page real estate that promotes governance best practices, specifically those related to effective content management, such as the tip-of-the-week or did-you-know approach.
  • News and announcement distribution outlining structure, role descriptions and responsibilities.
  • Introduction to and review of guiding principles at the beginning of formal training or educational sessions.
  • Single-page “cheat sheets” or summaries outlining key guiding principles, as well as compliance and enforcement mechanisms.
  • Physical publications, such as newsletters or magazines and/or brochures, posters or other collateral displayed around the office.

Socialization and communication is not a one-time event; it too needs to become part of operational processes and integrated, along with mechanisms for feedback, into the way in which work is done.

Aggregation of outputs from the activities described here will result in the formation of a formal governance plan, which needs to act as a living and breathing document representing the framework for management and enhancement of the SharePoint environment. An upcoming article in KMWorld will focus on mechanisms available for the operationalization of governance within SharePoint 2010.  

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