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RightAnswers—Better Knowledge Knowledge Management Means Better Customer Support

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On average, contact center agents spend 1.8 hours per day searching for and gathering information. Organizations that seamlessly connect their enterprise knowledge repositories with their systems of record can boost service quality, reduce call times, and save millions more with efficient customer self-service portals.

Luckily, there’s a knowledge management solution that’s here to take on that challenge.

RightAnswers gives you the flexibility to connect all available knowledge sources and deliver relevant information to your customers, contact center agents, and across the enterprise. Discover the power of connected knowledge!

Federated Knowledge—Connecting the knowledge you need all in one place—whether in shared drives, websites, or in other compatible applications. RightAnswers best-in-breed search does all the work to find relevant information for you and displays it in a single window.


Service team support—Empower customer service staff to access the right information at the right time with AI-enabled search, decision trees, and customizable interfaces.

Powerful self-service—Improve the customer experience and decrease call volume by connecting knowledge to chatbots and self-service sites.

Simple knowledge creation— Empower users to work together on creating and improving knowledge with the first system to be KCS v6 Verified.

Seamless integration—Easily integrate with CRMs, ITSMs, and other tools across the enterprise or use the RightAnswers X browser extension to deliver knowledge anywhere on the web.

Meaningful Insights—Interactive dashboards offer insights into the health of your knowledge base and provide information on knowledge base usage, effectiveness, and adoption.

Learn more! Watch the Connected Knowledge Video or listen to our podcast

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