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Powerful, easy-to-use data management, processing, and analysis solution: Mindbreeze - InSpire

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The next normal is hybrid. Is your workforce ready?

The way we live and work has changed radically as we’ve learned to cope with a stream of unanticipated situations. Thankfully, we’re gradually returning to our former routines, but some things—like hybrid work—will stick around. Smart companies, leaders, and CEOs are now mapping out the “upgrade” they’ll need to remain competitive and keep their employees happy and productive in the next normal.

Without exception, these considerations have to involve ways to maintain a seamless flow of information between autonomous teams in hybrid-remote work arrangements—which includes minimizing the time employees waste searching for relevant information. And that means being able to leverage usable historical and real-time data in a way that enables companies to generate added value. The key word: insights.

As a pioneer for insight engines, applied AI, and knowledge management, Mindbreeze understands that “Big Data” doesn’t have to mean big mess. And “hybrid” doesn’t have to mean disconnected. Mindbreeze InSpire—our powerful, easy-to-use data management, processing, and analysis solution—interprets and visualizes your data to uncover insights that make it meaningful, giving your entire team a comprehensive, 360-degree business perspective. And with our use cases for functional areas like customer service, finance, and a management view for CEOs, we’ve mastered data analysis and cognitive search and built them into a product that’s extremely intuitive for every employee.

Find out how AI can future-proof your workforce for the next normal.

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