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Knowledge management joins Comdex roster

As an indication of the mainstream acceptance of knowledge management concepts, the world's largest information technology event, Comdex, Nov. 16 to 20, is including a pavilion dedicated expressly to KM.

Comdex promotes the pavilion by saying, "Almost two decades after the term 'knowledge worker' entered the twentieth-century vocabulary, we are finally at a point where knowledge management is taking center stage. Vendors are now vying for turf in this hot market."

Vendors scheduled to appear in the KM Pavilion include Tower Technology (www.towertechnology.com), Orbital Technologies (www.orbital-tech.com) and PC DOCS (www.pcdocs.com).

Tower will highlight Tower IDM Integrated Document Management Suite for the Microsoft Windows environment, which offers production imaging, workflow, COLD and document management in both client-server and Internet browser environments. Orbital will debut its software, Organik, marking the company's entry into the KM market. The product addresses the people-related issues associated with locating, collecting and managing corporate knowledge.

Five separate educational sessions addressing knowledge management and the challenges of implementing a knowledge management system will be presented. This track promises to explore the range of technology and human issues that make knowledge management an important and controversial subject. Presentations will cover key concepts, technologies and trends that are making knowledge management a mandate for competitive organizations.

In addition to the KM Pavilion and programs, there will be a dozen vendor-sponsored and technology-focused pavilions, located throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Exposition and Convention Center. In the Microsoft Partner Pavilion and the Computer Associates Partner Pavilion, partners will be highlighted, all of whom are tackling software, networking and application challenges.

"These vendor-specific and technology-focused pavilions will provide our attendees with access to the latest customized products and solutions on the market today," said Andy Wahtera, general manager of strategic relationships, ZD Events. "No other event this year will provide such a wide host of associations and vendors gathering to highlight their best and brightest."

Sessions at Comdex include: "The Knowledge Management Revolution," "The Great Debate: Knowledge Management--Fad or Phenomenon," "The Technologies of Knowledge" and "Knowledge Management View from the Vanguard: A User Panel."

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