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KMWorld 100 COMPANIES That Matter in Knowledge Management

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For us here at KMWorld, knowledge management is an attitude, an approach, not an application, and that’s what we’re celebrating with this list—companies that offer the tools to analyze, augment, enhance, manage and extend information assets to maximize potential for organizations of all sizes. Our judging panel consists of colleagues, analysts, theorists and practitioners. Everyone involved in the judging process has his or her prejudices, of course, but we set those aside, and have assembled what you see listed, 100 companies whose products and services best meet the needs of our readership.

Knowledge management can be a bit of an elusive term. We have always maintained—especially now in 2015—that knowledge management is the umbrella under which all other technical disciplines fall, including (but not limited to) business intelligence, collaboration, competitive intelligence, content management, customer/experience relationship management, enterprise search and discovery, big data management, business process management, adaptive case management, imaging, workflow, document management, cognitive computing and so on. And, as we’ve done in the past, we have recognized a number of consultancies and research firms for their contributions to the broader view of knowledge management.

Since we first published it a decade-and-a-half ago, our list has recognized organizations leading the way in the knowledge economy. These aren’t the only companies that matter, rather, the ones agreed upon by the judging panel for KMWorld readers. The criteria for inclusion on the list vary, but those listed have things in common. Each has either helped to create a market, redefine it, enhance or extend it. They all share a fundamental motivation to innovatively meet and anticipate the widely diverse needs of customers with robust (but sometimes single-point) solutions to meet evolving customer requirement challenges.


We encourage you to visit the websites of this year’s list. Beginning on page 17 (KMWorld Vol 24, Issue 3), you can hear from some of the companies themselves in the View From the Top section (linked here next to the company). Here, CEOs and other top officials share their vision of the knowledge economy and how their solutions allow their customers to reach their goals.

  • AccellionEnterprise-class, secure file sharing solutions for mobile-enabled organizations.
  • Access InnovationsInformation management and database construction products and services.
  • AccessDataStandalone and enterprise-grade solutions that enable digital investigations of any kind, including computer forensics, incident response, legal review, IP theft, compliance auditing and information assurance.
  • AccusoftDocument, content and imaging solutions. To Learn more, read Jack Berlin, Founder, President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • AcrolinxLinguistic analytics software based on natural language processing.
  • Adlib SoftwareAutomated conversion of content within business processes for document-intensive organizations.
  • AirWatchEnterprise-class mobile device, application management and content management solutions.
  • AppianBusiness process management software, including solutions for mobile devices, cloud computing and social business.
  • AppleBusiness and consumer software and hardware.
  • APQCProvider of benchmarking, best practices and knowledge management business research.
  • ApteanIndustry-specific solutions to address business challenges.
  • ASG Software SolutionsVendor-agnostic cloud, content and systems software for reducing costs, enhancing workforce productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • AsteraData integration and extract, transform and load (ETL) software tools.
  • Astoria SoftwareOn-demand enterprise content management.
  • AttensitySocial analytics and engagement solutions.
  • AttivioIntegration of enterprise search, business intelligence and analytics.
  • AvePointEnterprise-grade governance and infrastructure management solutions for SharePoint.
  • BA InsightConnectivity, classification, and application software that accelerates the implementation of on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint portals. To Learn more, read Massood Zarrabian, CEO's  View From the Top.
  • Bamboo SolutionsProvider of some 70 products for SharePoint, including solutions for project, process, community and knowledge management.
  • BonitasoftOpen source business process management.
  • BP LogixInfrastructure and business intelligence that allows users to anticipate and predict potential problems in recurring business processes.
  • BrainSpaceMachine learning language platform to power information and discovery applications.
  • CalabrioIntegrated, multichannel contact center solutions for faster decision-making at all levels of the organization.
  • Cambridge SemanticsSolutions to simplify and automate data management in the enterprise, improve governance and to simplify and improve the ease of use of data stored in big data systems.
  • ClarabridgeCustomer experience management solutions powered by sentiment and text analytics.
  • ClarizenProject management through a robust social interface.
  • Code42Secure file sync and share, and technology that protects and manages the data.
  • CodifydProduct content solutions.
  • CognitiveScaleTechnology-independent cognitive cloud platform.
  • Colligo NetworksData synchronization solutions for Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Columbia UniversityMaster of Science program for information and knowledge strategy designed to prepare knowledge practitioners to plan and lead knowledge and information services, improve collaboration and networks and create innovative knowledge products.
  • ComintelliEnterprise information access software focusing on solutions for competitive intelligence, knowledge management, content delivery and enterprise search.
  • Concept SearchingSoftware solutions that deliver conceptual metadata generation, auto-classification and taxonomy management.
  • ConnotateWeb data monitoring and collection for business users.
  • Content Analyst CompanySearch and analytics for unstructured text.
  • CoveoModular and scalable enterprise search platform that indexes information stored in various repositories throughout theenterprise.
  • DatawatchInformation analytics systems through data extraction from static, but content-rich, sources.
  • e-SignLiveProvider of automated business transaction support that requires secure, compliant and enforceable electronic signatures.
  • e-SpiritEnterprise content management system designed to help companies implement their digital strategies, engage audiences more effectively and increase marketshare.
  • Earley & AssociatesInformation management consulting company specializing in all aspects of content management and search, SharePoint solution design and development, etc.
  • eGainOn-premise or cloud software for knowledge-powered, multichannel sales and service.
  • EMCInformation infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations to transform the way they create value from information.
  • EmpolisCreation, management, analysis and intelligent processing of all relevant information for a company, regardless of producer, source, format, application, user, location or device. To Learn more, read Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO's View From the Top.
  • Enterprise KnowledgeConsulting services in the areas of knowledge and information management, application development and project management. To Learn more, read Zach Wahl, President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • Expert SystemSemantic technology and the creators of semantic technology that understand the meaning of written language. To Learn more, read Bryan Bell, Executive Vice President's View From the Top.
  • ExsysSoftware that provides non-programmers a new way to easily build interactive Web applications.
  • ForresterHighly relevant research-based services aligned to client needs.
  • FTI Consulting/TechnologyE-discovery software and services. To Learn more, read Seth Rierson, Global Practice Leader's View From the Top.
  • GartnerInformation technology research and advisory services.
  • GoogleTechnology solutions for search, voice, analytics, documents, geospatial applications, etc.
  • Hitachi ConsultingSolutions designed for operation performance to help achieve mission-critical processes. To Learn more, read Ellen Dowd, Senior Vice President, Information and Content Management Practice's  View From the Top.
  • HPManagement and analytic tools for both structured and unstructured information combined with the ability to extract meaning in real time from all forms of information.
  • Hyland, creator of OnBaseFlexible and comprehensive enterprise content management. To Learn more, read Bill Priemer, President & CEO's  View From the Top.
  • IBMComplete portfolio of enterprise content technologies and solutions.
  • iCONECTHTML5 intuitive, multibrowser, hosted e-discovery review platform.
  • Igloo SoftwareSocial business software.
  • Ingeniux USWeb experience management software for managing content, community and collaboration.
  • IntegrifyRobust, lean and flexible business process and request management. To Learn more, read David Willsey, CEO's View From the Top.
  • IntelliResponsePlatform designed for customers and service agents to ask questions in natural language.
  • InterneerBusiness process management for process automation applications and smart mobile apps. To Learn more, read Romeo Elias, President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • kCuraWeb-based platform servicing the analysis, review and production stages of the e-discovery reference model.
  • KMS lighthouseBig data customer experience solutions designed to provide precise answers to customer questions. To Learn more, read Yossi Caspi, CEO's View From the Top.
  • KofaxSmart process applications for customer engagements.
  • LinguamaticsHealth science-focused natural language processing solutions for knowledge discovery, information extraction and decision support.
  • Magnitude SoftwareVariety of solutions for business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management, reporting and analytics. To Learn more, read Chris Ney, Chairman & CEO's View From the Top.
  • MediaValetCloud-based digital asset management.
  • MetalogixManagement tools for Microsoft content and collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365.
  • MetaVis TechnologiesSolutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Azure, Exchange and SkyDrive, as well as for file systems and cloud-based content repositories. To Learn more, read Steven Pogrebivsky, CEO's View From the Top.
  • MicroPactPlatform for dynamic case management and business process management with fully integrated document management, natural language analytics and mobile modules. To Learn more, read Kris Collo, CEO, President & Founder's View From the Top.
  • MicrosoftComplete software solutions for home and office.
  • MindbreezeEnterprise search, information access and data cognition. To Learn more,  Daniel Fallmann, Founder & CEO,s, View From the Top.
  • NexidiaAudio and video search and analytics.
  • OpenTextEnterprise information management solutions for BPM, CRM, SCM and ERP applications.
  • Oracle/RightNowWeb, social and contact center experiences for a unified, cross-channel service solution in the cloud.
  • PeopleFluentTalent management and social networking software.
  • PPCConsulting firm addressing the energy, environment, financial, healthcare and insurance industries.
  • RadialpointTechnical support software and services for technology vendors and IT help desks.
  • RAMPSolutions to optimize video content and collaboration on the Web, mobile and connected devices.
  • RAVNBrowser-based content analytics.
  • RaytionEnterprise search and corporate communications solutions.
  • Real Story GroupVendor neutral product evaluation and consulting services.
  • RecommindE-discovery, enterprise search and information governance.
  • RightAnswersCloud-based KM, Web and mobile self-service and social knowledge solutions.
  • Rivet LogicContent management, collaboration and community solutions.
  • RSDInformation delivery, content and records management, and document archiving and retrieval software.
  • Search TechnologiesSearch engine implementation and tuning.
  • Sherpa SoftwareTechnology-driven information governance solutions.
  • SinequaBig data search and content analytics.
  • SitecoreContent management software integrating marketing automation, intranet portal, e-commerce, Web optimization, social media and campaign management technologies.
  • SitrionEnterprise social computing and HR self-service solutions.
  • SmarshArchiving and compliance solutions for regulated industries.
  • SmartlogicTaxonomy management and automatic classification.
  • SpringCMCloud-based enterprise content, document and workflow management.
  • Strategic Knowledge SolutionsKnowledge management training to solve problems such as knowledge flow, transfer, etc.
  • SynapticaTaxonomy management and ontology software. To Learn more, read David Clarke, CEO's  View From the Top.
  • TEMISIdentification and extraction of targeted information to semantically enrich content with domain-specific metadata.
  • TIBCOInfrastructure, business intelligence and analytics software for on-premise or cloud deployment.
  • TransversalDynamic knowledge solutions for customer-facing websites and contact centers. To Learn more, read Heather Richards, CEO,'s  View From the Top.
  • VerintSoftware designed to capture and analyze customer interactions, sentiments and trends across multiple channels, improve performance and optimize the customer experience. To Learn more, read Verint Systems, Elan Moriah President, Verint® Enterprise  Intelligence  Solutions™ and Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions™'s  View From the Top
  • VirtualWorksEnterprise search and indexing software that automatically indexes, abstracts and normalizes all of the knowledge-rich content throughout an organization.

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