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This year’s KMWorld conference, occurring Nov. 6–9, 2023, in Washington, D.C., has KM Joy: Thrills & Challenges of the Tech-Driven KM Journey as its theme. According to program chair Jane Dysart, the KM journey is full of highs and lows, from the excitement of new discoveries to the agony of unintended consequences. Through it all, there is joy to be found in the human side of KM—in creating, learning, exploring, sharing, and applying. This year, speakers explore the thrills and challenges of the tech-accelerated KM journey. In a demanding global environment, knowledge sharing is even more critical for successful and sustainable organizations. Organizations require resilience, agility, and flexibility in navigating and supporting hybrid workplaces and spaces as they face the new realities of our world.

It’s the people in those organizations who drive knowledge sharing. KM’ers have risen to the challenge of our new hybrid working reality by harnessing innovative strategies, plus new technology and tools, to enable knowledge sharing. KMWorld 2023, our 27th annual event, shares stories of innovative break- throughs from KM practitioners as they steer their organizations into the future.

It addresses the human and technology factors of collaboration and knowledge augmentation via AI, the sharing and reuse of knowledge with new tools, the important human roles, the hybrid workplace shift, understanding and aligning with the big organizational or community picture, and leadership skills driving knowledge adoption and reuse, such as the environmental and sustainability movement.

KMWorld features knowledge-sharing tools and techniques as well as human strategies that have an impact on all types of organizations and communities. Technology has always influenced the sharing of information and knowledge, and this is reflected in the discussions at KMWorld and its co-located events.

However, the speed with which changes are happening today has definitely influenced our conference program. Data, machine learning, and AI are a big focus this year, but organizational culture, global and hybrid working environments, changing platforms, digital transformations, collaboration tools, analytics, and more will be covered by our experienced and knowledgeable speakers.

World-class speakers

Our streams of talks and presentations, as always, showcase real-world examples of KM in practice, as well as the strategies utilized for success in many different types of organizations; the tech tools enabling new and exciting KM processes and knowledge flows in the enterprise; digital workplaces/spaces and the future of work; KM culture and collaboration in organizations; insights; and innovation. Industry thought leaders, including Dave Snowden, Phaedra Boinodiris, Dion Hinchcliffe, Beth Rudden, and David Weinberger, share their knowledge and lessons learned. They are joined by experienced practitioners, such as Kim Glover, Patrick Lambe, Gloria Burke, Susan Hanley, Art Murray, Rebecca Rodgers, Suzan Pickels, and many more. For a full list of speakers and topics covered, check the online program (https://www.kmworld.com/Conference/2023/Program.aspx).

Our many sponsors discuss their KM solutions and innovations and illustrate how they have an impact on client operations and success. We look forward to learning from our KM and tech colleagues at this event, sharing our insights at the many networking receptions and the knowledge café, visiting the KMWorld Bookstore featuring book signings by speakers and new books of interest to KM practitioners, exchanging ideas over meals, and having fun in D.C.!

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