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Information Governance, Risk Management, Legal Discovery, Compliance: Access Innovations

Access Innovations/Data Harmony

Search today depends mainly on statistics and massive data processing without paying attention to the language of the user. Well formed data, with clear indication of conceptual semantic links will provide replicable results and intuitive semantic search. We let the user search in their terminology. The taxonomy and rules system translates the terms, dialect or language into the well formed control terms to provide consistent, deep searching and filtering. The missing piece in today’s search is the taxonomy application. There are no other companies which combine taxonomy with machine aided classification.

Most automatic classification systems require rules to reach productive levels for search or production. We built a rich and robust semantic layer for the software and then a rule based system on top, allowing users to work with the rules. Data Harmony M.A.I.™ is unique in that it provides semantic and rules base linked to a taxonomy thus ensuing fast accurate search.

The Data Harmony Software was built as a productivity and accuracy enhancement tool suite. Customers such as ProQuest CSA have achieved a 7 fold increase in productivity – thus they have four licenses. The US GAO has achieved 92% accuracy on accounting and regulatory document search based on hit, miss, and noise statistics. The IEEE had the system running in three days and in full production in less than two weeks.

The software is implemented both in the digital depository and in search providing overarching accuracy and speed. People at the Weather Channel say they find things 50% faster using the Data Harmony tools. We are Unicode multilingual with English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese and Spanish installations.

Data Harmony is the software brand of Access Innovations, Inc. which is celebrating it’s 30th year. Call for a demo or get a trial download of the software from www.dataharmony.com

Access Innovations, Inc.
4725 Indian School Rd. NE
Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: 505.998.0800
Web: www.accessinn.com

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