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Curiosity - Revolutionizing Knowledge Management with Secure AI

Since its launch in 2018 in Munich, Germany, Curiosity has emerged as a leader in transforming how enterprises manage and utilize data. By merging sophisticated AI with advanced knowledge management software, it provides unparalleled efficiency  and deeper insights for businesses.

Effortless Information Discovery

Curiosity facilitates seamless access to diverse data sources, ensuring essential information is readily accessible. That is fundamental to fostering an informed and agile enterprise.

Streamlined Knowledge Graphs

Using proprietary knowledge graph technology, Curiosity organizes and connects data, turning scattered information into structured, actionable assets.

Intuitive Conversational AI

Curiosity integrates conversational AI, like GPT for graph RAG, allowing natural language interactions with data. This innovation makes interacting with complex data easy for all users.

Uncompromised Security and Customization

Curiosity offers on-premises deployment to guarantee the security of sensitive data. Its highly customizable nature ensures it can adapt to the specific needs and workflows of any organization.

Rapid Deployment for Immediate ROI

With a design focused on quick setup, Curiosity enables organizations to achieve significant ROI swiftly. Its intuitive interface and flexible architecture smooth the transition to more effective knowledge management practices.

Proven Success

With enterprise customers including industry giants like Airbus and Telefonica, Curiosity combines the technology and the experience needed to support leading global firms.

For knowledge managers seeking cutting-edge AI and data management solutions that prioritize security and customization, Curiosity stands out as a transformative partner, ready to revolutionize enterprise data strategies.

Curiousity logo

Curiosity GmbH
Kaufinger Str. 15
80331 Munich
Web: https://curiosity.ai
+49 89 9042 1303

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